When Jules Pahor went to her doctor with complaints of headaches, stress, dyslexic speech, and short-term memory loss, he told her “It’s just old age.”

Because of all these frustrating symptoms, Jules was withdrawing into herself. 

She felt like a different person. 

She didn’t know what was going on.

Jules had been passionate about bioenergetics and mind-body health for 25 years, so she knew there must be a path to recovery.

She refused to accept her doctor’s word – she knew it was NOT just “old age.”

All of this happened 5 years after she had already faced deafness and blindness, and the traditional medical system told her it would take 6-12 months to recover.

She set the goal of healing through bioenergetics in 6-12 weeks.

Phew!Did she achieve that goal, and if so, how?

Click PLAY below to learn how Jules was able to correct all these conditions, from the commonplace to severe.

In a recent study on the effectiveness of Infoceuticals, 231 out of 240 study participants reported improved health after using the Infoceuticals.

That’s a whopping 96.5% success rate!

Curious to know more? 

Click PLAY on the video below, where researcher Sarah Turner explains some fascinating findings on NES Health, along with the science behind our imprinting process.

Jules’ story is a great example of how every powerful mission has a potent story behind it.

When you’ve come to believe that life is effectively over for you…

When it seems impossible to feel engaged with your life and excited about your pursuits…

… finding a solution can be the source of your mission and purpose in the world. 

It can feel like a miracle – and it truly is.

Having your health and energy is everything. Being able to support your friends and family is invaluable. Having the tools to build a booming business is priceless.

Today, Jules helps her clients alleviate chronic stress, joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, and many more mild to severe symptoms and conditions through the NES System. 

Using her “energetic toolkit,” she helps her clients correct their body-field and restore their energy at the root. 

If Jules can do this, so can you.

Everyone deserves to have natural healing at their fingertips, so they don’t have to suffer in bed for 10 years, like I did. 

Whether you’re already a health coach or you’re curious about the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program, we hope today’s video inspires you and helps you understand the practical healing power of bioenergetics.

Think of where you could be in 6 weeks – or where a family member or client could be – with the support of bioenergetics.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Jules’ story in the comments below.


Harry Massey,

Founder, NES Health

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