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Why Bioenergetic Health Coaching?

Enjoy Your Dream Career

You're already passionate about health and wellness. Here's your opportunity to turn your passion into a career you love. Work remotely from anywhere, on your hours, and transform people's lives

Change People's Lives

Bioenergetic health coaches are the future of healthcare. Join a growing community of health coaches who've been maximizing their clients health outcomes by taking them beyond the limits of biochemistry with bioenergetics (assessing and correcting the body's energy system)

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Live a Life of Freedom

Our turnkey business solution allows you to immediately start acquiring clients and generate income. Restore your clients energy from anywhere in the world with our proprietary voice scanning technology. Better yet, with immediate access to our software platform and solutions, you're able to earn while you learn

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Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it!

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“I became a NES Health practitioner to take my wellbeing into my own hands after suffering from chronic pain for 9 years, yet the more I learned about my own energetic body and experienced the benefits of the BWS, the more I felt an urge to share it with the world. It is truly a rewarding job that has allowed me to find my purpose in life.”

-Maximilian Waid, NES Bioenergetic Health Practitioner

NES has given me not only the knowledge and skills to truly affect change in others' health but also the confidence to go out into the world and make my dreams come true. I am so proud to be a NES practitioner. My practice is based on serving others and contributing to the world in my small way with an open heart and a keen mind.”

- Jason Johnjinanjalie, NES Health Practitioner, USA

“Probably my greatest NES Health testimony is a client that had a severe auto-immune disease and after being on NES for less than two years she no longer takes medication, is able to work and has a normal life and best of all her Doctor gave her a clean bill of health.”

- Deborah Holt, Nutritional Counselor & NES Health Practitioner, USA

NES Health Bioenergetic Coaching Program

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Distinguish Yourself From Other Health Coaches with Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics lets you be more than just a health coach​

We take an energetic approach to treating clients at a physical, mental, emotional, and environmental level. Combed with our turnkey business solution, you’re unstoppable.

Get your clients the results they've been looking for and enjoy a fulfilling, successful career as a NES Bioenergetic Health Coach.

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Bioenergetics empowers you to be more than just nutrition-focused.

Become Distinct Using Our Whole Person Approach

The body, at its core, is an energy system. For instance, the body’s chemistry is based on the movement of energy particles like electrons. The body responds to light and to electromagnetic fields. And water isn’t anything like most people think it is when it’s in the body. It literally takes on the role of a battery (among other things).

If you don’t deal with energy and its control system, you’re ignoring the foundation of what’s happening in the body. This is why NES bioenergetic coaches go beyond teaching healthy life choices to their clients. It’s why they incorporate “bioenergetics.”

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Bioenergetics is the study, detection, and correction of energy in living systems. Something we’ve been at for decades, and have taught to thousands of practitioners. And something that every bioenergetic health coach works with.

That’s why the NES bioenergetic health coaching course opens with Anatomy & Physiology training (critical for anyone working with health), then dives into a history and modern understanding of bioenergetics as well as practical bioenergetic exercises. We want to make bioenergetics real for you.

How to Become a Successful Bioenergetic Health Coach



Enroll to become a bioenergetic health coach today. You will be assigned to an admissions coach who will guide you along the way



Experience a modern-day bioenergetic health coaching certification course from anywhere on any device, and get immediate access to our bioenergetics wellness system. Scan clients immediately and earn while you learn!



Enjoy your dream career (and your dream life)! Transform your life and the lives of others as a NES Bioenergetics Health Coach

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