Wellness Is No Longer a Puzzle


A Powerful New Advancement In Energy Medicine

The BioEnergetiX WellNES System helps you detect and correct energy and information flow challenges in your client’s body through an easy 3-step process:

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The Ground-Breaking Scanning Software Lets You See The Unseen

With a single click, and in seconds, it returns a richly detailed overview – including multiple screens and beautiful graphics depicting the state of the Body-Field and how it supports the body’s wellness.


A wide range of liquid remedies imprinted with proprietary bio-information

These provide corrective information to the body-field, leading it back to a more optimal state so it can correctly guide the body’s functions.

The BioEnergetiX WellNES System recommends the Infoceuticals most critical for the body’s wellness based on its body-field assessment.

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Powerful and Safe miHealth Hand-Held Device

Easy-to-use. The software tells you how and where to place the device.

miHealth — as seen on The Doctors Show — is non-invasive and clinically researched.

It uses the proven benefits of biofeedback and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) to locate, unblock and release energy blockages.

Clients experience immediate relief and rejuvenation as the device clears pathways for information to flow through its body properly.


*The miHealth device is sold seperately and is not included upon system purchase

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