In a recent article, I told the story of French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste.

He used an antiserum to demonstrate water’s ability to retain information that can affect health.

In another recent blog, I shared how our liquid remedies, Infoceuticals, use that principle to carry corrective information into the body-field.

What exactly is the human body-field?

It’s a complex, structured network of matter and energy that commands your physiology.

When your body-field is out of balance, you’re not in optimal health. 

When we correct your body-field, we restore your body’s ability to heal itself, and your symptoms clear up. 

Infoceuticals simply help nature – which you’re a part of – do its thing.

So how does this work? How do we imprint water with information?

It’s no mystery. It’s a simple yet groundbreaking process.

We start out by adding Himalayan sea salt, which provides minerals for the water to structure itself around. 

This allows the water to carry information that aligns your current body-field with your optimal body-field, much like a USB chip carries files. 

We then run the salted water through a proprietary scanner, exposing it to a high electrostatic field that imprints it with specific healing properties. 

The information is stored in the water, and available to be taken into the body-field. 

Each Infoceutical is entirely unique.

After doing your voice scan, a group of Infoceuticals is recommended for your specific constitution and condition. 

Getting this information into the body-field is as simple as drinking a glass of water. You just add drops of the Infoceuticals to water. It’s that easy – and they’re incredibly safe.

In a recent study on the effectiveness of Infoceuticals, 231 out of 240 study participants reported improved health after using the Infoceuticals.

That’s a whopping 96.5% success rate!

Curious to know more? 

Click PLAY on the video below, where researcher Sarah Turner explains some fascinating findings on NES Health, along with the science behind our imprinting process.

Have a question about Infoceuticals? 

Leave a comment below and the NES team will get back to you. 

We’re in your corner.

Whether you’re interested in bioenergetics for yourself, your precious loved ones, or your clients, we want you to win, and we know that these tools can change everything for you. 


Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health

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