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Unlock the Power of Bioenergetics


From the Wellness By Design Podcast to Your Wellness Journey

Every individual has the innate power to achieve optimal wellness. But it’s not just about reacting to the world around us. It’s about intentionally designing a life based on what our body truly needs.

If you’ve listened to Dr. Jeremy Stich on the Wellness By Design podcast, you’ve already taken the first step towards understanding the profound impact of bioenergetics on health.

Meet Dr. Jeremy Stich, MD

Chief Medical Officer at NES Health








With a rich background in emergency medicine and a passion ignited by personal experiences, Dr. Stich has dedicated his career to a proactive approach to healthcare.

His journey in bioenergetics, especially after witnessing its undeniable outcomes on many patients including his own daughter, has made him a fervent advocate for bringing this revolutionary approach to patients, practitioners, and the scientific community.