Have you ever written out a list of 30 goals at the beginning of the year, only to accomplish only a few of them – or none of them?

One of the most common pitfalls of goal-setting is biting off more than you can chew.

When you have too much on your plate and you’re not reaching your goals, you set yourself up to feel like a failure.

Over time, this can drain your confidence.

What’s at the root of this issue? 

We often set goals based on what we think we should do, rather than what we really want to do, and what we know ourselves to be able to do. 

How can you set goals in a way that’s inspiring, yet possible?

How can you take your goals off the page and bring them to life?

There are five factors that can increase your chances of reaching your goals in 2023 – even if you fell short last year. 

Let’s get into them…

1. Take stock of 2022.

What were your top five accomplishments of 2022, and how did you achieve them?

If you had to choose three themes for 2022, what would they be?

For example, business growth, personal development, and exercise. 

Noticing where you placed your focus last year can help you identify achievable goals for this year.

Was there anything you wanted to achieve in 2022 that didn’t happen, and what got in the way?

Taking stocking of 2022 can help you set realistic yet inspiring goals for 2023.

When you set realistic yet inspiring goals, you’re more likely to achieve them; you’re not biting off more than you can chew, but you’re challenging yourself enough to feel excited.

2. Identify how you want to feel.

Life is happening now.

If you’re not feeling good, but you’re achieving a bunch of external goals, you’re not going to be happy.

Can you enjoy the experience of getting to your goals, and the experience of your everyday life, regardless of whether you reach a specific goal?

Focusing on how you want to feel can help you enjoy your life more now, while working toward your goals.

The funny thing? When we feel better overall, we’re more likely to find creative ways to reach our goals.

So, how did you feel in 2022?

How would you like to feel in 2023, regardless of what you achieve?

Choose 3-5 adjectives that describe how you want to feel this year.

For example, you may want to feel relaxed and at peace, regardless of your circumstances.

If you focus on that, you may find a more effective and healthy way to go about reaching a goal.

There are many different paths to the same outcome.

3. Anticipate distractions and roadblocks.

What got in the way of your goals in 2022?

Distractions and roadblocks are unavoidable, and there’s a wide spectrum, from social media distractions to challenges in the family.

Too much time spent on social media or watching TV is something we can change. An unexpected family challenge is something we must accept and cope with.

What distractions can you remove in 2023?

Can you limit screen time, to support you in achieving your goals?

At the same time, decide now to work with roadblocks and do your best to maintain your peace regardless of what happens.

Most importantly, remember that you’re a human, and life happens. That’s ok.

What matters is how honest you can be with yourself, and how you bounce back when something hard happens.

That’s what defines who you are, and sets you up to reach your goals in a healthier way.

4. Create a strong baseline.

Your health and energy impact everything – from your work to your relationships.

How will you prioritize your health this year, to ensure you have the energy to meet your goals?

List your 3-5 health priorities now.

They could be exercise, nourishing food, frequent bioenergetic scans, a consistent Infoceutical regimen, daily meditation, or anything else that’s important to you and works for you.

You know what supports you best, what you need to be consistent with, and what you can afford to be inconsistent with.

You can’t do everything all the time – no one can – so it’s important to choose 3-5 non-negotiables and allow them to be your anchors.

When your health is intact, everything flows.

5. Choose 3-5 goals for 2023.

Based on the information you gathered in the first four questions, choose 3-5 realistic yet inspiring goals for 2023.

The S.M.A.R.T. Goals structure can be helpful here.

For each goal, ask yourself whether it’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

Is this goal detailed enough?

If you confuse someone, you lose them, and the same goes when you’re setting goals.

When your goals aren’t detailed enough, it’s harder to wrap your brain around them and bring them to life.

Is your goal measurable?

How will you know whether you’ve achieved it?

What will have happened, and how will you feel?

Speaking of achievement, is your goal achievable?

Have you ever done something similar?

Do you have the skillset and resources to make it happen?

Is your goal realistic?

Is one year enough time to make it happen?

Has it ever been done before?

Is it within your scope of experience?

Is your goal timely?

Have you laid out a timeline for yourself?

What are the benchmarks?

How long will each piece take, and what’s required at each step of the process?

For example, if you’re launching a new website using the S.M.A.R.T. Goals framework, it may look like this:

Goal: New Website

I will launch my new website by the end of June.

I will write the copy, and I will hire a photographer, graphic designer, and web developer to help me bring the site to life.

During Q1 – the first three months of the year – I will write the copy: The Homepage, About, Services, and Contact page. I will also make a Pinterest board for the designer, and do a photoshoot.

Each website page will take me one day to write, and the photoshoot will take one day. The graphic designer will deliver the site design by the end of Q1.

In Q2, we will put everything together and bring the site to life.

The web developer needs a month for the first edition of the full site, and that leaves us June to make tweaks and launch it by the end of the month.

I have many friends who have launched websites recently, and I’ve spoken with them about the different options.

I have the budget to hire the photographer, graphic designer, and web developer, and I know that I can write the copy.

I will know we’re on track if the copy, photos, and design are ready by the end of Q1, and the first edition of the full site is ready by the end of May.

My first step is to schedule the copywriting and Pinterest board creation time in my calendar, and to schedule the photoshoot. I will also confirm the timeline and deliverables with the graphic designer and web developer. 

When we set goals with intention, we’re much more likely to achieve them.

When we achieve our goals, we build confidence and momentum in our lives.

At the root of all this is bioenergetics – our fundamental health and energy – which is why prioritizing a strong baseline is such an important, and often overlooked, part of goal-setting. 


What’s your experience with setting goals?

Do you usually achieve them, or do you sometimes fall short?

If you find yourself disappointed at times, I hope these steps help you. 


Cheers to 2023,
Harry Massey
Founder, NES Health