What’s at the root of chronic pain

Persistent back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are some of the most common conditions today.

Nearly 65 million Americans have back pain.

Over 58 million have arthritis.

And around 4 million have fibromyalgia. 

These chronic pain conditions can hold you back from doing the things you love…

  • Playing sports.
  • Running around with your children.
  • Dancing.
  • Working. 
  • Exercising. 


… and in some cases, they can even get in the way of everyday activities, like washing the dishes, taking a shower, and brushing your hair.

What’s the real cause of chronic pain? The one common denominator?

The common denominator in chronic pain is that there is none.

In most cases, many factors are contributing to someone’s condition. 

The most common causes?

  • Environmental factors.
  • Diet.
  • Lack of movement. 
  • Genetics.
  • Age. 
  • Related conditions. 


If there are so many potential causes of chronic pain, how can we get to the root of it and heal it, rather than just managing the symptoms?

Bioenergetics and the NES Scan can play a big role in unlocking the mysteries of chronic pain.

Through a 10-second voice scan, the software analyzes bioenergetic imbalances – and strengths – and produces a detailed report of where your body is ready to heal.

From there, the Infoceuticals that would serve you best are recommended.

These are proprietary NES remedies that address the body’s energy environment and help turn on your self-repair system, which is designed to gently and safely restore your health. 

Infoceuticals have undergone numerous studies showing their efficacy.

In one, people who started with low self-reported wellness scores saw an increase of 102% in their score, and a decrease in symptoms, after just one Infoceutical protocol.

How can Infoceuticals help relieve chronic pain?

Each Infoceutical is imprinted with specific bio-information to support different organs and systems of the body. 

They resonate with healthy aspects of the body, guiding anything unhealthy back to a more ideal state. This helps the body to kick in its own corrective processes, dealing with anything that’s out of order.

The secret of correcting the body’s control system lies in the information imprinted in these remedies. 

What are Infoceuticals made of?

Infoceuticals are made up of filtered water and micro-minerals, and they’re imprinted with modulated photons and magnetic fields using a high-voltage electrostatic charge. 

This gives each Infoceutical specific qualities to support ideal function in the body.

What if you can’t get in for a scan yet, or get your hands on some Infoceuticals? 

When it comes to chronic pain, lifestyle steps are important too.

Here are some steps you can take at home if you’re experiencing chronic pain…

  • Drink high-quality water.

    Our bodies are about 60% water, and water is key for every single function.

    The cartilage around our joints is also around 60% water, so if you’re dealing with a condition like arthritis, proper hydration is crucial for healthy lubrication and movement.

    Get the highest quality, filtered water you can find, and have some available to drink whenever you’re thirsty.

  • Focus on nutrients.

    The right foods have the potential to decrease pain, while the wrong foods can increase pain.

    Focus on whole, unprocessed foods that work within the frame of your unique condition and biology.

    It’s always a good idea to decrease processed foods, sugar, and trans fats when you’re managing a chronic pain condition.

    Processed foods can increase inflammation, which is a big part of pain, while whole foods can decrease inflammation, reducing pain and swelling throughout the body.

  • Get appropriate movement.

    When you’re in pain, moving may be the last thing you want to do, but the right type and amount of movement for your body is key to reducing pain.

    Walking, stretching, or yoga can make a huge difference in your pain levels.

    Of course, you’ll want to speak with your health care professional before beginning a new routine – especially if you have a pain condition.

  • Prioritize sleep.

    While you snooze, your muscles and joints restore and repair themselves.

    Getting quality sleep every night can make a huge difference in your pain levels.

    Aim for at least 6-8 hours per night, or more if you’re in a healing process.

  • Try meditation.

    A 2016 study showed that mindfulness meditation may improve pain symptoms and quality of life.

    Meditation has also been shown to reduce inflammation, and provide similar benefits to sleep.


A devastating number of people struggle with chronic pain every single day.

A huge part of our mission at NES is to help as many people as possible restore their health and energy so they can live full, rich lives. 

While our dream and focus is getting the NES Scan and Infoceuticals into as many hands as possible, we want you to have lifestyle tools you can start experimenting with right away.

Do you struggle with chronic pain, or have a loved one who does? 

If so, we hope this information serves you.

Harry Massey
Founder, NES Health