When Helen Frank was in her 20s, she felt like she was trapped on a hamster wheel.

Her stress was building…

Her anxiety was skyrocketing…

… and her ability to manage everyday life and work was plummeting. 

Still, she learned to manage her chronic symptoms.

As a successful corporate career planner in bustling London, people saw her as fun and vibrant – the life of the party. 

What they didn’t know was that, behind the scenes, she was relying on caffeine pills just to make it through the day – anything that would give her a hit to get through the next few hours. 

Helen realized her path was not sustainable.

No one can rely on quick fix energy sources forever. 

For a time, you feel superhuman, running on fumes – until you crash.

That’s exactly what happened to Helen: she crashed. And then she discovered bioenergetics.

After regaining her energy and finally getting off the hamster wheel, she became a NES Practitioner… even though she didn’t come from a health background. 

That didn’t matter. 

Through NES she was able to have her own transformative experience, then build up knowledge and confidence to see clients.

She started working with people who, like her, were suffering from burnout, among other challenges like chronic pain, weight gain, and menopause. 

As her clients experienced remarkable results, friends started commenting on how amazing they looked, and how their energy had changed.

Soon, Helen had a thriving referral-based business that she loved as a NES Practitioner.  

She was helping people heal, the way she had healed through bioenergetics.

Press play below to hear Helen’s full story…

Do you dream about building a business on your own terms, working with clients you absolutely love?

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is open for enrollment.

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What does a Bioenergetic Health Coach do?

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, it’s your job to detect and correct energy imbalances, then help your clients protect their energy and health over the long-term. 

To date, NES has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world restore and optimize their energy and health.

With NES, you can:

  • See past mysterious client symptoms.
  • Remove frustrating guesswork.
  • Get to the root of chronic issues.
  • Shortcut the healing process.

The same way you update your iPhone when it’s lagging, NES helps to upgrade your energy system, re-establishing optimal health. 


Through the NES body-field scanner, you quickly identify imbalances in clients.


These imbalances are corrected through proprietary bioenergetic solutions – our liquid Infoceuticals, lifestyle changes, and bioelectric technology called the miHealth.


The same way you put your phone on airplane mode to conserve battery life, you guide your clients to manage their energy and avoid burnout through lifestyle interventions. 

Bioenergetics instantly sets you apart from other coaches. 

You become a secret weapon – invaluable and indispensable. 

What does it take to become a Bioenergetic Health Coach?

As you saw in Helen’s story, you don’t need a science degree or a background in health to start a successful Bioenergetic Health Coaching practice.

What you need is a proven system that attracts clients, wows them during consultations, and has them sharing their results with everyone they know. 

That’s what we give you with the NES System & the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program.

When you know your process works, you exude effortless confidence that draws people in. 

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Take full responsibility for your energy and health.
  • Learn how to use the NES System.
  • Dedicate yourself to helping others restore their energy and health.
  • Take consistent action to build your coaching business.

If this is you, we are so excited to see you inside the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program.

You are part of the future of health, and we’re so proud to have you on board. 


Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health