My friend Lydia struggled with horrible digestive issues in her early 20s. 

She went to see a gastroenterologist, and he told her she had IBS and should eat more fiber… but she was already eating a high-fiber diet.

Then she went to a functional medicine doctor, who thought she might be sensitive to gluten.

He tested her, and she had no problem with gluten.

But her digestive issues continued, often leaving her bedridden and isolated from her friends and family.  

Digestive issues impact over 20 million Americans.

It’s one of the complaints I hear most often.

Every other person I speak to is dealing with some type of bloating, gas, constipation, or another frustrating symptom of digestive imbalance. 

Digestive issues can feel really embarrassing, and be really mysterious.

The root cause is often complex.

It’s rarely one neat trigger that causes digestive distress – it’s usually a host of things. 

For Lydia, the NES scan helped uncover the root of her digestive issues and restore balance in her body. 

Through a 10-second voice scan, she discovered a few key things in her energy system that were upsetting her digestion…

1.She had fear and guilt present in her body.

The NES scan reads the body for different emotions, as well as energetic imbalances within the physical body.

The mind-body connection is undeniable, proven in countless studies.

We’ve all experienced the impact that emotions can have on digestion.

When you get nervous and have to run to the bathroom before a big interview, that’s the mind-body connection at work.

As Lydia worked toward energetic and emotional balance using Infoceuticals and coaching, her digestion improved.

2. Her body was having trouble processing fat.

Among protein, carbs, and fat, fat takes the longest to digest.

The high-fat craze – like paleo and keto – has caused a lot of digestive issues.

For some people, scaling back on fat can help support digestion. Using the scan as a tool, and with appropriate advice from health professionals, you’re able to consider different factors like this on your way to finding solutions.

3. The scan showed she had non-fixed sensitivities.

This category of the NES scan reflects generalized, shifting sensitivities to different foods.

When you work to improve the immune system and rebalance the body-field, these sensitivities often disappear.

As Lydia used the Infoceuticals and healthy lifestyle tools to improve her overall immunity and energy, her digestive symptoms decreased. 

Lydia didn’t need to eat more fiber, and she didn’t need to cut out gluten. 

She needed to restore her health on the bioenergetic level. 

After going through the NES scan, getting on an Infoceutical regimen, and making a few key lifestyle shifts, she was able to improve her digestion and reclaim her energy.

Most physical symptoms are just indicators that there’s an overall imbalance in the body…

… yet most health and medical systems only treat the symptoms through medications.

Those medications often cause more symptoms, and in some cases, more serious health conditions than the person began with.

Digestive symptoms always point to a deeper imbalance.

There’s rarely one cause – as you saw in this example.

The NES System gives us a gentle, non-invasive way to take a 360 look at what’s going on in the body.

Once you get that snapshot, you can work on correcting frustrating symptoms and make your way back toward optimal health.

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Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health