You pick up your phone to turn it on… nothing. 

A black screen.

Your battery has died, out of the blue.


You noticed your phone was running slower over the past couple of weeks, but you thought you had some time before you’d need a new one. 

Nope. Nothing. Black screen. 

This is what happens to your body when your internal battery is drained. 

When you’ve been…

Sleeping too little or too much. 
Eating or drinking too much of the wrong things for you.
Eating or drinking too little of the right things for you. 
Working too much or too late. 
Rarely exercising or meditating.
Exposed to environmental toxins.
Under a lot of stress. 

Things begin to slow down. 

All these factors compound until you’re burned out.

Burnout can also be more mysterious than all of the above. 

Sometimes there’s no logical explanation for why you’re zonked. 

This is where the mystery of water comes in.

The human body is about 60% water, and that water plays a critical role in your energy levels. 

When you’re healthy and full of energy, that water is structured in an optimal way that separates positive and negative charge, and creates a literal battery inside you!

When you’re out of balance, you may have less of this structured water inside you.

To keep your energy intact and avoid burnout, you want to make sure you’re charging your battery regularly, and using its energy efficiently. 

How can you identify imbalances and restore your body’s battery?

In 10 seconds, the NES scan software generates a full report of the current strengths and weaknesses in your body’s energy system.

Then the NES Infoceuticals help restore proper function.

As your body recovers, the structure of water can shift and improve. 

When that happens, you feel more charged up.

Each scan produces a customized set of Infoceuticals that will be most effective for you, in your current state of health.

If you do another scan a few months later, your recommended Infoceuticals may change as your body’s needs change.

There are also lifestyle choices that can help restore your body’s battery… 

1. Whole foods.

Processed foods and foods you’re sensitive or allergic to disrupt the body’s natural balance.

Eating fresh, close-to-the-earth foods that work for your unique body will help maintain your battery, and therefore your energy.

2. High-quality water.

The best, fresh water is key to maintaining your internal battery, and therefore your energy.

Low-quality water, on the other hand, may contain chemicals that disrupt your body’s balance and prevent the water in your body from structuring.

This zaps your energy.

Investing in high-quality water is well worth it, and will make a huge difference in your energy and health.

3. Sleep.

Sleep is your body’s time to restore and repair itself.

Without sleep, nothing works, including your internal battery.

While you snooze, your system reorganizes and recharges itself.

“You’ll sleep when you’re dead” is a terribly out-of-date motto.

The truth is that if you don’t sleep well, you’ll feel dead, and never have your full energy to bring to your life.

4. Exercise.

Getting your body moving brings fresh oxygen and nutrients into your blood, and helps to recharge your battery.

When you don’t exercise, your system may slow down.
It’s surprising how exercise can wake you up and re-energize you, even when you think you’re too tired to move your body.

Over-exercising is a problem, too.

If you find that you’re exhausted all day after your workouts, you may be working out too much. Over-exercising can deplete your body and drain your battery.

5. Grounding.

We gain energy from nature.

Spending time in nature, ideally with your bare feet on the ground, is a very simple and effective way to recharge your internal battery.

The negative ions that exist in nature balance the draining effects of electronics and pollution, and infuse your body with fresh energy.

When your body’s battery is chronically depleted, it’s much more likely that you’ll develop chronic fatigue, colds, anxiety, depression, and many more illnesses and conditions.

Focusing on these five areas will help keep your battery charged up, and your body in balance.

What does it look like to go from a depleted battery to a fully-charged battery?

Click play on the video below to learn how Shirley went from chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety to full health using the NES System to recharge her battery. 

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, you would have the ability to help your clients get their lives back.

Energy is not just a nice-to-have – it’s crucial to living a full life.

Fatigue is not something to brush off – it’s an indicator of fundamental imbalances.

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With dedication and focus, you can create a career that supercharges your life and brings your dreams into reality. 

Bioenergetic Health Coaching is transforming the field of health, and if you’re feeling called to join us, we can’t wait to welcome you into the program!


Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health