You’re born with a certain genetic makeup that influences how you feel, how you think, and how you perform in the world.

For decades, most people thought they were a victim of their genetics:

“No one in my family has ever gone to grad school, why would I?”

“Anxiety just runs in my family. I’ll always feel this way.”

“My Mom and Grandma were both overweight – I’ll always be overweight too.”

Many people still think this way, because it’s deeply ingrained in our society. 

It takes time to unlearn this mindset…

… but the latest science shows that we CAN change our gene expression, and in doing so, shift our genetic destiny. 

We can change the way our genes express themselves, by changing our internal and external input:

Our environment, the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the supplements we take, along with tons of other factors, from our work to our relationships. 

Shifting these inputs shifts the way our genes express themselves, which changes us on a cellular level:

“Today, a wide variety of illnesses, behaviors, and other health indicators already have some level of evidence linking them with epigenetic mechanisms, including cancers of almost all types, cognitive dysfunction, and respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, and neurobehavioral illnesses.

Known or suspected drivers behind epigenetic processes include many agents, including heavy metals, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hormones, radioactivity, viruses, bacteria, and basic nutrients.”

– Bob Weinhold, Epigenetics: The Science of Change

That’s why Bioenergetic Health Coaching is so different from traditional health coaching: It works on the energetic level, to restore your innate vitality.

Your energy fields are the drivers and communicators in your system, and can impact you on the cellular and genetic level.

Working with bioenergetics is like giving your clients the greatest cheat code ever, to reach their goals faster and have healthy changes stick for life. 

The basic coaching process can feel like walking up a muddy hill with heavy rocks in your pockets: You’re making progress, but it feels hard as all get-out.

Bioenergetics is like strapping a rocket to your back and flying up the mountain. 

How does bioenergetics shortcut the healing journey so much?

Bioenergetics alters your energetic field, which impacts your cellular health.

We all have an ideal body-field: What our inner makeup would look and feel like if we were in optimal health. 

Through the NES System, the scan first identifies imbalances. 

Then, through Infoceuticals, the miHealth biofeedback device, imprinted meditations, and lifestyle changes, your ideal body-field is restored. 

This is radical. 

It’s possible that you haven’t experienced ideal health since you were a child. 

Many of us start building up stress, illness, and trauma in the body from the time we’re teenagers, or even earlier. 

Bioenergetics is like the ultimate reboot. The same way you have to reboot your phone and computer sometimes, bioenergetics resets your body.

You can see how Bioenergetic Health Coaching differs from traditional coaching, and why clients seek it out so much. 

Bioenergetics allows you to facilitate better results, without making your clients work so hard. 

How is that possible?

When your body-field is healthy and aligned, your body just WORKS like it was designed to.

Your diet and lifestyle choices will always impact how you feel, but an unhealthy choice here and there might not impact you as much when your baseline health is in place. 

Of course, depending on a client’s condition, they may need to be very diligent about making healthy choices.  

In either case, bioenergetics is completely transformational, which is why we’re so passionate about it.

After helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world restore their health, we knew we had to start certifying Bioenergetic Health Coaches, to grow this movement even more. 

That’s why the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program offers significant benefits over standard health coaching programs.

Why did we go the extra mile when we were creating this program?

We want our coaches to become sought-after experts, living lives they’ve always dreamed about:

Making a difference in the world, earning a great income, and having true freedom to spend quality time with their families, travel the world, or whatever else is in their heart. 

Here’s how the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program compares to traditional coaching programs:

✅ We give you cutting edge software to detect imbalances in your clients, then correct and protect their health through bioenergetic tools and coaching…

… while most traditional coaching programs don’t cover bioenergetics, don’t offer you a software platform, and only address lifestyle and nutrition.


✅ We also set you up quickly: You can receive your certificate within 90 days, along with the option for continued access to the tools and software you need to start seeing clients…

… while other coaching programs only give you a certificate, which often takes six months to a full year. 


✅ In your first 90 days as a Bioenergetic Health Coach, you get unlimited scans, so you can start building a reputation and a potential client base, even as you’re still moving through your course work…

… while other coaching programs don’t give you any head start. 


✅ When you enroll, you get 5 complimentary Infoceuticals, so you can experience them for yourself before recommending them to clients…

… while most coaching programs simply give you a list of recommended supplements – no physical products to test drive. 


✅ We provide a done-for-you Client Care System that tells you each step to take with your clients, so you don’t have to stumble your way through…

… while most coaching programs only teach you how to be a coach, without teaching you how to build a business. 


✅ As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, you also receive access to a range of business tools that help you to grow a business…

… while other coaching programs might give you a generic website, but nothing beyond that.


✅ Finally, as a Bioenergetic Health Coach you get wholesales pricing on our Infoceuticals and the miHealth device, along with drop shipping so you don’t have to maintain product inventory or deal with shipping yourself…

… while other coaching programs don’t provide physical supplements at all. 


If bioenergetics makes sense to you, if it speaks to you, and if – like us – you know that it’s the future of health and wellness, we hope you’ll agree that the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is a no-brainer.

It’s an opportunity to experience more vibrant health … then go on to change the world through your work.

Many health and wellness professionals have come to us and identified issues they didn’t even know they had. 

In correcting them through bioenergetics, they addressed health challenges they didn’t even know needed correction, and unlocked a level of energy and true vitality they didn’t know was possible. 

“I became a NES Health practitioner to take my well-being into my own hands after suffering from chronic pain for 9 years, yet the more I learned about my own energetic body and experienced the benefits of the NES System, the more I felt an urge to share it with the world. It is truly a rewarding job that has allowed me to find my purpose in life.” – Maximilian Waid, NES Health Practitioner, USA

Whether you’re a wellness newbie or veteran, bioenergetics can change your health on an energetic level.

Your energy fields are the drivers and communicators in your system, and can impact you on the cellular and genetic level.

This can shift how you feel, how you think, and how you perform in the world. 

>> Click here to check out the full program details and enroll today, if you know this is the right move for you.

If you’re a yes, I can’t wait to welcome you into the program!


Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health