Rachel Dardano was living the American dream on the outside, but feeling stuck and sick on the inside.

She always wanted to be a nurse, and she accomplished that major goal.

After enthusiastically starting her first hospital job, she quickly realized the environment was not right for her. 

It became clear that her body was not designed to run around under fluorescent lights for 12 hours at a time… and she could feel her health diminishing.

After getting married and having a few children – another big dream of hers – she had a cancer scare and almost lost her life. 

That was a big lightbulb moment for her; Rachel knew she had to change the way she was taking care of herself. 

She wanted to shift her focus from external success to internal success – from achievement to health. 

One day at the grocery store, Rachel ran into someone who would change the course of her life and career forever. 

Press PLAY on the video below to learn what happened next.

Feeling similar to how Rachel felt, but hesitant to make a change? 

Ask yourself these 7 questions, and spend a few minutes writing out your answer to each one. 

These inquiries will help you get back to your true nature and identify what you really want to be doing with your life. 

  1. What were your hobbies as a kid? How did you love spending your time, when no one was telling you what to do?


  2. Today, how do you spend your free time?


  3. What are the things you Google and daydream about?


  4. What’s your dream job that almost feels too easy to get paid for? Something that comes so naturally to you, that you never thought about making a career out of it?


  5. What are the parts of yourself that you label as “weak,” “wrong,” or “needing work”? How could those areas actually be your greatest strengths, if you reframed them?


  6. What are the jobs you’ve been paid for that you genuinely enjoyed?


  7. What are a few potential roles you can think of that would utilize your natural skills, and give you the opportunity to learn new skills? 


It’s ok if you’re hesitant…

It’s ok if you know that you want to make a change, but you have no idea where to start…

… and it’s ok if you don’t feel like you have the energy to do anything besides what you’re currently doing. 

Simply answering these questions will give you fresh energy and point you in the right direction. 

When you take small steps toward what you really want, they add up fast to create the life you’ve always imagined for yourself – no compromises. 

Rachel was very hesitant to experiment with alternative health. 

She came from a traditional medical background, after all.

But she trusted her intuition and did something different, and it turned out that her experience with that hydrotherapist changed the course of her life forever. 

Rachel learned how to let go through the body, both physically and emotionally. 

After correcting her digestive issues, she felt like a completely different person. 

Release and relief washed over her.

When she was finally able to let go of all the emotions, all the weight, and everything she was stuffing down on the inside, while her life looked perfect on the outside…

… she tapped into a whole new source of energy, and a whole new career path as a hydrotherapist and NES Practitioner. 

Through Bioenergetic Health Coaching, the NES System is more accessible than ever. 

If you’re feeling stuck, if you want to create a new career and a new lifestyle, becoming a Bioenergetic Health Coach could change everything for you.

There are so many ways to integrate the NES System with your current skills, or develop a whole new skillset and launch a fresh career as a dedicated Bioenergetic Health Coach. 

The options are truly vast. 

If you’re ready to begin your journey as a Bioenergetic Health Coach, we are so excited to talk to you.