Mushrooms are one of the most complex and mysterious species. 

They’re generally grouped with vegetables, but they actually make up a whole different class of their own: The fungi kingdom. 

They share a lot in common with vegetables, but they also have a lot in common with animals. 

Plants are autotrophs – they create their own food with the help of the sun.

Animals and fungi are heterotrophs, meaning they rely on external sources of nutrition.

Since mushrooms don’t have chlorophyll, they can’t create their own food like plants do. 

Closer to animals, they eat other plants to get nutrients and energy. 

Mind-blowing, right?!

One of the most popular ways mushrooms are consumed is in the form of “coffee.”

It’s very popular these days – you’ve probably seen it all over YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

In recent blog posts we’ve been talking a lot about energy, sleep, and the role caffeine plays in these areas of health. 

Mushrooms are popular for the calm, clean energy they provide, and the rich morning drink they can be made into. 

Should you be replacing your morning coffee with mushroom coffee? 


Check out the benefits of mushroom coffee, and decide for yourself:

1. Clean energy.

Coffee actually strips nutrients from your body and decreases oxygen flow to your brain, making you feel fatigued and foggy.

Mushroom coffee adds nutrients, boosts oxygen flow, and increases brain function.

It also helps balance blood sugar, which is key for steady energy all day.

2. Reduced stress.

The adaptogenic qualities of mushrooms – their ability to impact your body differently depending on what you need – lead to less stress.

For example, if your heart rate is elevated after a stressful meeting, the right type of mushroom might help bring it back down to normal.

If your heart rate is too low, causing fatigue and lethargy, mushrooms could boost it up a little, improving your energy and focus.

By intuitively filling in the gaps, mushrooms have the potential to help you cope better during overwhelming times, and stay present during important moments.

3. Lower inflammation.

Mushrooms have a lot of prebiotic fiber in them, which supports healthy bacteria in your gut.

When your gut is healthy, your inflammation is lower, since the digestive system plays a large role in removing toxins that cause inflammation.

When your inflammation is low, your body and brain are more resilient and less prone to illness.

4. Stronger immune health.

Mushrooms are a rich source of protein, B vitamins, and minerals like copper, potassium, and magnesium.

These are all known to improve immunity and nourish the whole body, decreasing your likelihood of getting sick.

5. Boosted brain health.

Bioactive compounds like selenium, vitamin D, and glutathione are present in most mushrooms.

They’re known to improve brain health, manage blood sugar, and support the body’s homeostasis. 

You can see that the benefits of mushrooms are vast. 

How is mushroom coffee made?

Most formulas are made from dried, powdered mushrooms you simply mix with hot water.

If you’re curious about mushroom coffee but you want to avoid caffeine withdrawals, you could try adding a mushroom powder into your regular coffee, to help offset the negative side effects of caffeine. 

From there you might choose to slowly reduce the amount of regular coffee in your cup, swapping more mushrooms in. 

Could mushroom coffee be key to restoring energy?

It seems like it, based on the observed benefits, but everyone is different. 

We do know that fatigue and caffeine dependency are one of the most common issues our Bioenergetic Health Coaches see in clients. 

Through the NES Scan, you can quickly identify whether a client is struggling with caffeine, and help them break unhelpful habits with delicious, energy-giving alternatives.

Our energy affects everything we do.

  • It impacts how other people feel around us.
  • It influences the opportunities that come our way.
  • It dictates our ability to truly relax, connect, and enjoy life.


That’s why getting your energy in order is so important.

If you’re struggling – or you know someone who is – we hope this info on mushroom coffee serves you. 

If you feel a calling to help people manage their energy and transform their health, we invite you to explore the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program today.


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Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health