One of the biggest struggles health coaches face is client compliance. 

You could facilitate an incredible session where the client is excited to get started on your recommendations… but then they go home to the same challenges:

  1. The kids who always need their attention when they’re trying to workout or meditate. 
  2. The easy foods they know and love at their fingertips – or their UberEats app.
  3. Their coffee machine that’s already programmed to wake them up at 6am with a strong cup. 

No matter how great of a coach you are, you can’t be there to spoon-feed your clients at every step of their healing journey. 

Why is it hard for a lot of clients to follow through?

When trying to create healthier habits, most of us know what we need to be doing… but it can feel really hard to actually do it. 

What’s familiar is just easier – much of what we do in a day is by muscle memory.

The brain says “No, take your coach’s recommendation!” but the body craves the same old behavior that feels comfortable and safe. 

Maybe you’ve experienced one of these challenges at some point in your life:


  1. You know you need more exercise, but it’s just not happening – you’re either busy or tired. 
  2. You know that eating more vegetables would help your digestion and skin, but it takes so much time to wash, chop, and cook them. 
  3. You know meditation would help reduce your anxiety, but you can’t sit for more than a few minutes. 

Once we start exercising more, eating differently, or meditating, we realize how simple these habits are, but developing them can feel challenging.

Maybe some of the habits that used to feel hard now feel as second-nature as brushing your teeth… but it wasn’t always that way. 

Health coaches can lay out a perfect plan for their clients, and guide them every step of the way, but the client still has to take action. 

It’s the same when you see your doctor: Maybe they tell you your blood pressure is high and you need more exercise – but they can’t make you do it. 

Thankfully, health coaches have more time with their clients than doctors do:


  1. A doctor recommends a healthier diet, a coach helps you create a practical strategy to actually eat more vegetables and less processed food. 
  2. A doctor tells you to exercise more, while a coach helps you find a type of exercise you’ll enjoy, and commit to a frequency that works within your life. 
  3. A doctor tells you to reduce stress, a coach helps you create a bedtime routine, improve your sleep quality, and begin meditating.

Health coaches already play a huge role in improving compliance, but still, they can’t guarantee their clients will follow through. 

What makes the biggest difference in a client’s ability to follow through, and experience better health outcomes?

Seeing their imbalances in black and white – for example, on a NES scan. 

Our view of ourselves often differs from reality. The NES scan makes it objective. 

When NES practitioner Tracy Poizner had her first scan, she was blown away. 

Tracy wasn’t someone who spent a lot of time using technology, but the scan showed that her computer exposure was high, while her smartphone exposure was low.

If you would have asked whether her computer use was an issue, she would have said no…

… but seeing it on the scan made her realize she needed to reduce her computer time. 

From there, Tracy integrated the NES System into her practice. 

>> In today’s video she shares how she went from being a tech skeptic to embracing the NES System and skyrocketing her client compliance rates. 

Our favorite nugget? 

“The compliance is through the roof, when they see it in front of them on the screen.”

If you want to be a Bioenergetic Health Coach who facilitates incredible transformations in your clients, the NES System will be crucial. 

>> Click here to learn how it works and read through the program details. 


Most health coaches struggle with client compliance, because they aren’t able to objectively illustrate their clients’ imbalances. 

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, you’ll have a huge advantage in being able to show a client their imbalances on a screen… and therefore increase client compliance rates. 

When your client compliance rates are high, your referral rates are high, and your business grows rapidly.

When you’re in high demand, you have the ability to run your business exactly how you want to.

Whether it’s from a gorgeous office, an airplane, your beach rental, or all of the above – you get to choose how you serve your clients and live your life. 

This gives you an incredible quality of life and the flexibility you need to take extraordinary care of yourself, spend time with your precious loved ones, and truly enjoy your life. 

We hope today’s video inspires you, and if the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is something you’re interested in, we’re here to answer your questions. 

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Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health