Imagine waking up excited on a Monday morning.

Excited to dive into your morning routine…

Excited to eat your delicious breakfast…

Excited to begin your work…

… and excited to wind down in the evening with your loved ones. 

To some people, this will sound worlds away. Weird. Maybe even impossible.

Others have already had a taste of this lifestyle, or maybe they’re living it 100%. 

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach – or future coach – this reality is completely possible.

If you’ve already done some coaching or other remote work, maybe you know what it’s like.

If you’re considering a new career – and a new life – as a Bioenergetic Health Coach, we want to set you up for success. 

These are the 3 mistakes we’ve noticed new coaches making, and how you can avoid them…

  • Waiting too long to get started.

    When you’re beginning a new venture, you don’t have to make everything happen within a month, a few months, or even a year. But it’s best to get started right away, and to take action every day.

    Your time is precious, and your life is precious. It goes faster than you think.

    If you’re passionate about becoming a Bioenergetic Health Coach, serving clients, and having a freedom-based business you’re excited about, it’s important to take the first step as soon as possible.

    You will have missteps, and there will be a learning curve, but when you start sooner, you can achieve your goals and reach a higher quality of life much faster.

  • Letting insecurity take center stage. 

    You don’t have to feel perfect or look perfect to start health coaching.

    A lot of coaches think they need to resolve all of their health issues and lose 15 pounds before they start taking on clients. It’s just not true.

    Being a great Bioenergetic Health Coach means you’re dedicated to serving your clients, and you know the tools you have at your disposal can help them.

    When you gently push your ego to the side and focus on serving clients, your business will grow.

    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the absolute best care of yourself, or that you should force yourself to take on clients when you’re feeling sick and exhausted.

    Take care of your energy and nourish your body, but don’t wait for perfection to start helping others. Move from your heart and let your mission speak through you.

    When you realize it’s not about you, getting clients becomes so much easier, because the pressure is off – you know you don’t have to be perfect, because being perfect is not what will help your clients transform.

  • Obsessing over your website, social media, or business cards.

    When you’re starting out – and really any time – these features don’t matter that much. What matters is your passion, and your willingness to get in front of ideal clients and talk about what you do.

    Where will you find your ideal clients?

    Anywhere and everywhere: Your yoga studio, the grocery store, a coffee shop, through a friend, or via social media.

    Our coaches have gotten clients through all these avenues.

    The common theme is ACTION, openness, and intention.

    When you’re willing to speak up about what you do and your intention is helping others, clients flow to you.

    When you’re first starting out, it’s so important to gain real life experience, and work with people in whatever way you can.

    Focus on taking care of your own energy, pushing through your fear, and talking to anyone and everyone about what you do.

    That doesn’t mean you should be hard-selling your services at every opportunity – it’s more about enthusiastically sharing what’s worked for you, and how excited you are to be coaching with bioenergetics.

    Genuine enthusiasm is magnetic, and it will naturally attract your ideal clients.

    Rather than focusing on the features of your business, like your website, focus on cultivating your confidence and energy, so you’re excited to share your work with others. 

When you avoid these 3 mistakes new Bioenergetic Health Coaches make, you can grow your business much faster, and much more organically. 

Modern, online education is all about shortening your learning curve and making it easier for you to seamlessly transition into a business and lifestyle that suits you 100%. 

These action steps and mindset shifts, paired with an online program like our Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program, can put you on the fast track to building your new coaching business. 

With the resources available today, your dreams are much closer than you think. 

With the right mindset and work ethic, you can make significant changes relatively quickly. A year from today, your life could look very different than it does right now. 

If you open up social media, you’re sure to see…

  • The young tech entrepreneur who came from nothing and went on to retire her parents early.
  • The 50-something designer who didn’t design her first dress until she was 40. 
  • The multi-6-figure wellness entrepreneur with no major connections, elite education, or business background. 

Even some of the wealthiest and well-known people came from nothing…

  • Actress Halle Berry slept in a homeless shelter before her career took off.
  • Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz grew up in the projects of NYC.  
  • Oprah was born into a poor Mississippi family. Today she’s worth over 2 billion. 

…and there are so many more examples just like this. 

Bottom line: Where you come from does not have to dictate where you’re going. 

Don’t get me wrong, it does take consistency and dedication, but it’s completely possible to achieve your dreams when you take action every day. 

With the tools we’ve shared today and our robust coaching program, you’ll be on your way to creating the life you want, relatively quickly.

How fast you move is up to you, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

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Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health