Do you experience the world differently than most people? 

Do you perhaps feel more sensitive, attuned, or emotional than your peers?

This is a theme we see amongst the best Bioenergetic Health Coaches and coaches-to-be.

Their sensitivity is their superpower.

Being sensitive doesn’t mean you’re a cry baby, it means you pick up on more details and nuance than most people. 

After college, Life Coach and NES Practitioner Cecily Armstrong was on track to go to med school… 

… until she had a lightbulb moment and realized med school would break the natural healer in her.

She had been attuned to energy from childhood, and knew she was meant for a different path than Western Medicine.

After becoming a yoga studio owner and teaching for over 30 years, her career took a major shift that brought her into her purpose. 

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She shares about a woman she coached for 3 years, doing scans once a month. 

When she came to Cecily, she felt heavy and paralyzed. 

By the end of their work together, she had built a new career, transformed her health, started a new relationship, and moved out of her parents’ house. 

Through the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program, you can get access to the same tools Cecily uses in her thriving coaching practice.

If you’re excited to build a career you love and facilitate profound transformations in your clients as a Bioenergetic Health Coach, we hope today’s story inspires you.

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Harry Massey

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