Why is it so hard to break certain habits?

  • The coffee you drink every morning on autopilot, even though you know it’s like pouring gasoline on your anxiety. 
  • The cocktail you order at happy hour, because all your colleagues are. 
  • The urge to watch another Netflix episode when you really want to be studying a foreign language. 

Once we develop patterns and routines, the body gets used to them. They make our nervous systems feel safe.

For example, coffee actually dysregulates the central nervous system, but when you drink it every day, dysregulation becomes your norm.

You feel bored and tired if you’re not a little on edge. 

A regulated nervous system would feel weird to that person. 

They would need some time to adjust to the stillness. To know they’re safe to relax. To know they don’t have to be on high alert to be productive and focused.

That’s why behavioral change can be so challenging:

Whether a habit is good or bad, the subconscious – the body – gravitates toward what is familiar, again and again…

… even if it’s not good for you. 

Your mind tries to fight for you: You wake up and swear that today will be the day you reach for tea instead of coffee, or skip the cocktail. 

Mentally, you want that so bad – to feel that sense of accomplishment, that sense of internal calm. But your body just wants what’s normal. 

What if behavioral change could be effortless, for you and your clients? 

What if you could follow through on what you mentally want to do?

This is how you can make behavioral change effortless, and truly move the needle forward in your life, and the lives of your loved ones or clients:

After a client does their NES voice or fingerprint scan and their imbalances are detected, the next step is Infoceuticals. 

These are liquid remedies imprinted with proprietary bio-information. 

They go through a scanner that gives each Infoceutical a unique imprint that brings imbalanced areas of the body back into balance. 

Infoceuticals provide corrective information to the body-field, leading it back to a more optimal state so it can correctly guide the body’s functions.

The BioEnergetiX WellNES System recommends the Infoceuticals most critical for the body’s wellness based on its body-field assessment.

In our experience of Infoceuticals, and in thousands of clients worldwide, once we start taking them, the desire to engage in old patterns disappears. 

We no longer crave coffee or wine in the same way. It’s easier to meditate and exercise. It feels as if there’s no longer anything holding us back.


Because our systems are regulated, we no longer need to reach for temporary regulators that not only don’t work, but actually compound existing issues.

Infoceuticals bring you back to your healthy baseline – your birthright. 

With Infoceuticals at your fingertips, your personal health skyrockets, and your client results are out of this world.

Everything just feels easier. 

Bioenergetic Health Coaches have Infoceuticals at their disposal, along with the full BioEnergetiX WellNES System.

They’re truly paving the way for a new healthcare system that’s based in wellness, not illness.

Feeling called to become a Bioenergetic Health Coach, or add bioenergetics into your existing practice? We invite you to explore the program here.

Cool bonus: When you sign up for the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program, you get 5 free Infoceuticals, based on the results of your first scan.

That way you can experience them for yourself before recommending them to loved ones and clients. 

Here’s the thing, [FIRST NAME]: When your fundamental energy is balanced, you’re far less likely to gravitate toward behaviors that aren’t serving you.

These behaviors are your subconscious attempt to self-regulate:

To get back to what your body knows as normal – even if your normal is fight-or-flight. 

When your system is already regulated – when your organs and energy systems are working the way they were designed…

… you no longer need to use energy drinks, coffee, or wine to feel a temporary sense of equilibrium. 

The times we’re most likely to reach for regulators?

When we’re exhausted, depressed, or anxious. 

Once your energy is restored at the root, you’re much less likely to experience these conditions, and therefore much less likely to engage in self-regulatory attempts that aren’t serving you. 

When you’re in balance, you’ll naturally want to reach for things that truly support your energy, rather than substances that provide a temporary high followed by a crash, and deeper dysregulation. 

That’s why we’re so happy Bioenergetic Health Coaches have Infoceuticals and the full BioEnergetiX WellNES System at their disposal. 

Having them in your hands genuinely sets you apart as a coach, and helps you, your loved ones, and your clients feel better than ever. 



Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health