Humans are quick to make assumptions – it’s our nature.

  • Someone tells us they’re vegan, and we assume they’re super healthy. 
  • We see a friend posting their workout on social media, and assume they have their lives together. 
  • Our best friend is a dedicated meditator, so we assume they never experience anxiety.

In reality, that vegan could be living off simple carbs all day, and drinking all night. 

The fitness junkie could be overexercising to burn off all their calories (this is a form of eating disorder), and our zen friend could be struggling with depression. 

At the same time, having one area of our lives under control can make us believe that everything should be flowing.

If you’re vegan, you might feel frustrated that you’re still not feeling your best.

If you workout all the time, you might find yourself wondering why you still have fat around your stomach. 

If you meditate a lot, you could be confused by the fact that you still experience anxiety. 

One habit can never represent the full picture.

When we’re stuck judging others based on one behavior, or frustrated that one change hasn’t fixed everything for us, we’re probably not seeing the holistic picture. 

The truth is that everything is connected, and often, many things must change gradually in order for you to feel your best.

It all adds up… 

… but sometimes, one change really can skyrocket your success. 

What if you had a secret weapon? 

Something that triggers true progress when nothing else is working?

Today we want to share Russ Goldston’s story. 

Russ is someone who has a lot of experience in health and wellness. 

He even lived in a self-sufficient community in Israel where they grew their own food, had their own schooling system, and created their own preventative healthcare.

Still, he had multiple family members who were seriously struggling with their health.  

>> After trying to find answers in every area of the medical and wellness industries, this is what finally worked for Russ and his family:


When Russ was considering making the move he talks about in the video above, he had $150 to his name.

He spent $149 on the one thing that finally gave him his son back, restored his daughter’s health – she was born at 1 lb, 15 oz – and helped his mother heal after a major life transition. 

If you’re struggling with your health, if your loved ones are struggling, or if your clients have hit a plateau… watch today’s video. We hope it inspires you as it did us. 

Russ’s closing advice is truly priceless – don’t miss the last few minutes of the video. 


Harry Massey
Founder, NES Health