Jill Rathburn always wanted to be a nurse from a young age. 

She gravitated toward anything health and wellness related, and had a strong desire to help people, so she went to college for nursing, and worked in the field for a couple of years. 

Jill was a high achiever – she went on to build a few different companies, and worked hard to make them successful. 

She was also very family-focused, with a loving husband and children. 

All of her kids were active in sports, and she was there to cheer them on at every event. 

Sounds like a pretty perfect life, right? 

The truth is that Jill was struggling with something serious behind the scenes, and it took her 15 years to realize it. 

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You’ll learn how she healed a disorder millions of people struggle with, and went on to work with clients all over the world. 

The truth is that Jill’s issue is very common among women who are high achievers. 

She had a successful business and a happy family. 

She was training for triathlons, teaching spin classes, and practicing yoga on a daily basis. 

From the outside, it looked like everything was great – like she was the perfect mid-life woman, thriving after putting in hard work to become successful. 

It shocked her loved ones to learn that on the inside, she was struggling with:

  • Unresolved childhood trauma
  • Suppressed depression
  • Everyday anxiety

Like many people, alcohol was her coping mechanism. 

Drinking is so incredibly normalized and even encouraged, that it’s no surprise Jill turned to it as a crutch. 

She didn’t think anything of it. 

All of her friends drank, so it felt perfectly fine and normal to reach for a glass of wine or cocktail regularly. 

Over time it became clear that it was an issue, and her inner circle of friends and family intervened. 

On her journey to recovery, she realized that she was battling a sugar addiction, too.

Since alcohol converts to sugar in the body, it spikes blood sugar and causes a lot of common health issues:

  • Extra weight
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep trouble
  • Chronic fatigue

… and much more. 

It’s no surprise that alcohol is one of the biggest disruptors of the human body-field. 

A powerful chemical, it can block and distort energy throughout the body.

On her road to recovery, Jill realized that alcoholism is a much more complicated disorder than she thought, and that Western medicine is limited in its ability to address it. 

Shortly after getting sober, she assumed she would feel better in her body and mind, but she continued to experience lots of health issues. 

Her allopathic doctor told her they were age-related, and had nothing to do with her alcoholism and recovery process. 

Her heart told her there was another answer, an approach that could help her heal all her issues at the root. 

Jill realized her solution did not lie in Western medicine. 

She needed to break out of the standard mold. 

As a nurse, that felt strange, but she trusted herself. 

She went on to work with dozens of holistic health practitioners, and healed almost every issue she was having, except for two:

  1. Brain fog
  2. Fatigue 

Her acupuncturist told her she had low energy… and her acupuncturist 20 years earlier had said the same thing, right around the time she began drinking alcohol. 

Shortly after this, Jill went to a holistic health fair and was introduced to NES. 

She was immediately blown away – it was clear that bioenergetics was the solution she was looking for. 

All of the issues she had been working on quickly came up on the screen, after doing the NES scan:

  • Liver
  • Gut
  • Energy
  • Memory

Jill quickly realized the missing link was healing her body-field, not her biochemistry. 

It was clear that bioenergetics was her road to recovery. 

NES took the guesswork out, sparking a radical shift in her healing journey and propelling her forward.

The NES scan organized the information so clearly that she could easily understand where her energy was weak and where her body-field deviated from the ideal. 

Through bioenergetics she was able to fully restore her health at the root. 

Jill had already begun coaching other women who were in recovery, and quickly introduced NES into her practice.

In the video above, Jill shares her top tip as a practitioner:

The simple approach she takes to skyrocket her client success rates by properly reading the scan and asking the right questions. 

Make sure you give it a watch.

Jill’s unique approach is what helps her get to the crux of what’s going on for her clients, so they can move forward with confidence and experience lasting results. 

She works with many different types of women, many of whom are going through incredibly difficult times. 

Jill has found that regardless of client issues, through Bioenergetic Health Coaching she can tackle virtually anything. She’s helped a vast range of clients heal, regardless of their challenging circumstances and mysterious symptoms. 

Jill now considers her work using the NES system the BIGGEST way she’s impacted the world. 

She’s proud to help her clients overcome lifelong dysfunctional habits, and take control of their health so they can transform their lives. 

Do you see yourself in any aspects of Jill’s story? 

Are you feeling inspired to become a Bioenergetic Health Coach? 

The NES approach makes working with clients very practical and straightforward. 

Where lots of regular health coaches take the trial-and-error approach, NES is much more predictable. 

The scan and roadmap give you a foolproof gameplan to take your clients from feeling “meh” to AMAZING, and help them heal lifelong issues, just like Jill. 

We hope today’s share inspires you, and if the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is something you’re interested in, we’re here to answer your questions. 

You can reach us between 9am – 5pm ET M-F at (888) 205-3930, or simply reply “interested” to this email and we’ll follow up. 


Harry Massey
Founder, NES Health