I was watching a YouTube video and another title on the right side of the page caught my eye:

“My life started when they said it was over.”

This is so common – we wait until we’ve hit rock bottom to get the help we need to feel better. 

We might even notice symptoms, like fatigue, brain fog, or anxiety, but think they’re normal:

  • “That’s part of getting older.”
  • “I’ll feel better when work eases up.”
  • “I just need a vacation.”

These are the things we tell ourselves (or our doctors tell us) to minimize our issues and avoid taking action.

Why do we do this? Hint: It’s not because we’re stupid or lazy.

The human brain is stubborn. It likes routine. It’s wired to keep us safe.

Unless something is seriously affecting our lives, we’re unlikely to change it. 

At the same time, the human body is incredibly resilient, built for survival. 

Most of us will push through symptoms to accomplish at least the bare minimum each day.

Even when our bodies are screaming, we’ll trudge on. 

Each person is a little different, but generally speaking, it takes a lot to break the human spirit, and to surrender to our body’s signals. 

Seeing this YouTube title brought me back to my 7+ year struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome. 

When it first began, I didn’t want to submit to it.

I booked another climbing trip – I thought the fresh air and movement were all I needed…

… then I got even sicker.

Finally, I was completely bedridden. 

I had no option but to lay on my back. 

Zero physical strength or willpower to move. 

My body 1000% needed rest. 

I also needed to heal, so I started trying different healing diets and protocols, like coffee enemas and fasting.

A few approaches helped a little, but most of them burned me out further and led to weight loss and weakness. 

I finally stumbled upon bioenergetics and learned how to restore my energy at the root.

Ultimately I created the BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS), which has already helped over 100’s of thousands of people around the world restore their full health and energy.

With the NES System, Bioenergetic Health Coaches take a 3-step approach:

  1. First they scan your body-field via hand scanner or voice. The voice scan can be done with any computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world. 
  2. Within seconds the scan identifies blockages and distortions in the flow of energy and information.
  3. A full report and recommended protocol is created, geared toward stimulating the body’s self-healing ability. Coaches walk their clients through every step of the process, using this roadmap.

We’re just getting started, and Bioenergetic Health Coaching is now a huge part of our mission.

Through the Bioenergetic Health Coaching program, it’s our goal to have thousands of coaches out there helping people heal so they can live the lives they’ve always dreamed about.

You don’t have to keep sitting on the sidelines. 

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to finally make empowered changes.

You don’t have to wait around feeling frustrated by symptoms.

You can get off the bench, and go on to help dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people do the same.

Rock bottom so often triggers massive transformations – and that’s great. 

Sometimes the human brain needs that experience to make a true change.

No shame.

But it’s not the only way.

The NES System is a clean, simple way of seeing symptoms before they’re massive problems, and a clear route to begin feeling better right away. 

If you’re struggling with your own health, if you wish you could help your loved ones truly thrive, or if it’s your dream to facilitate deeply transformational work with clients all over the world… 

… you can.

We can help you make that dream a reality, from bioenergetic basics to business building skills. 

I hope today’s share gave you clarity and perspective, and perhaps inspired you to help yourself, or help a loved one take just one step forward. 

To your health,
Harry Massey

Founder, NES Health