When our friend Aleya Harris went to her doctor with complaints of chronic fatigue and hives, he did everything short of telling her she was making it up.

A busy marketing executive, she was struggling to find the energy she needed to get through each day, much less thrive and grow.

Luckily she was working with a coach who had access to a system that could pinpoint the root causes of symptoms and correct them:

The BioEnergetiX WellNES System (BWS).

As a savvy business woman who didn’t have time for nonsense, Aleya was very skeptical.

The whole thing sounded like “voodoo,” but she was at a loss, willing to try anything.

Could a voice scan identify the causes of her symptoms?

Could “salty water droplets” (Infoceuticals) transform her energy?

>> Click PLAY below to hear her experience, and keep reading to learn the science behind Infoceuticals.

As you’ll hear in the video, Infoceuticals became Aleya’s secret weapon.

How do they work? Isn’t it just water, basically?

When most of us think of water, we think of hydration.

We know water is vital to all bodily processes, but the power of water is much greater than most of us realize.

In fact, water is so powerful that it has its own memory system.

Yes, water can be imprinted with information.

This is not theory, it’s science.

Dr. Jacques Benveniste, a French immunologist, performed a number of experiments on the memory of water.

His results were profound.

In his experiments, Benveniste used an antiserum, which detects whether an individual has an allergy.

When the antiserum was introduced to the blood of an individual with an allergy, basophils – white blood cells that release histamine into the body – would explode.

In Benveniste’s experiment, the antiserum was diluted until no allergen molecules were left – just the water.

That water was then added to blood samples.

What happened next entirely changed our understanding of water.

The water triggered the basophils in the blood sample, indicating that the water held onto the memory of the allergen, even though the allergen molecules were no longer present.

When we make Infoceuticals, we first structure the water using pink Himalayan salt, then imprint it with specific healing benefits using a scanner.

For example, if your voice scan shows that your heart is out of balance, you’ll receive a specific Infoceutical with optimal heart frequencies, picked up from our ideal body-field map.

While it sounds “out there,” it’s very basic science.

Pretty cool, right?

Now you have insight into how Infoceuticals work, and why there isn’t any type of placebo effect involved.

Today, Aleya considers the NES System crucial to her marketing clients’ success, as she guides them to 6 and 7 figures in their businesses.

We love case studies like Aleya’s, because they show how anyone, regardless of background or skepticism, can experience measurable results through NES.

We all know it’s hard to show up at work when we’re exhausted, and NES gave Aleya the opportunity to help her clients restore their energy.

Today she’s able to facilitate sustainable business growth rooted in fundamental human vitality.

Her clients are more successful than ever, because they have their enthusiasm back.

If you feel called to optimize your own health and help others do the same, we have a very special invitation coming – keep your eyes on your inbox.


Harry Massey
Founder of NES Health

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