When I went to my doctor with chronic fatigue syndrome at 20, he recommended antidepressants. 

I was a young, active climber and entrepreneur – there was no reason I should be in bed all day, and no reason I should be on antidepressants.

I didn’t feel sad, I was just exhausted.

But the doctor didn’t give me any other options. 

One of the BIG reasons so many people silently suffer with chronic symptoms is because traditional medicine isn’t equipped to deal with most modern diseases…

… and natural medicine can be very unpredictable and confusing – hit or miss. 

I tried dozens of different diets, enemas, ozone therapy, and much more… only to feel more depleted afterward.

Then, I stumbled upon bioenergetics. 

Click play on the video below to learn exactly what bioenergetics is, and how it restored my health.

Bioenergetics completely altered the way I live my life – from my mindset to my behavior and actions. 

I went from being weak, fatigued, and bedridden at 23 years old to being healthier, happier, more energized, and more alive than I’ve ever been.

But I get it: When I was in the midst of suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, there were points where I thought, “Well, this is just how it’s going to be.”

Not getting answers from doctors, over and over, I found myself getting used to the situation I was in – sluggish, exhausted, just kind of “dealing.”  

Settling for a low-octane life. A life that I knew was not mine. 

Now that bioenergetics is a part of my daily life, I’m revved up, ready, and excited to take on each day.

I look around and see so many people living life at a fraction of their potential – because they simply do not have the energy… 

… and I understand why, because that was my reality for nearly a decade.

There were so many things I wanted to do, yet it felt as if there was a heavy gravitational force keeping me in bed. 

I was utterly exhausted and simply could not get up. 

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

  1. Crawl out from under the covers after snoozing your alarm three times. It feels nearly physically impossible to get out of bed. 
  2. Drink a sip of water. Go to the bathroom. Look in the mirror – swollen eyes. 
  3. Trudge to the kitchen to fetch your reward for waking, the vital life source: Coffee.
  4. Nurse your hot liquid stimulant (jitters, anyone?), then maybe a second one.
  5. Brain is alert for a couple hours, then utterly fuggy by 2pm. Heavy eyes. Need a nap. Or more coffee? Until the coffee stops working altogether – adrenal burnout.

Maybe this is not you, but you know someone in your life who feels like a slave to this routine: A friend. A family member. Perhaps your clients. 

It’s an all-too-familiar situation, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

No one should have to settle for a life of listlessness.

We all deserve to have abundant energy so we can:

  1. Be active, engaged, and present all day.
  2. Go to bed feeling happy and satisfied.
  3. Fall asleep quickly and sleep like a baby all night.
  4. Wake up refreshed, ready to do it again. 

When you restore your energy at the root, that becomes your reality.

I’m living proof of this possibility. 

Through bioenergetics, you can take the reins back, and feel better than you ever have.

Have a friend or family member who’s always complaining about exhaustion?

Send them this blog post – they’ll love you for it.

To your thriving energy,

Harry Massey

Founder of NES Health