Bioenergetic Health Coaching Sample Class


A History of Bioenergetics

Step back in time for an introductory look at where modern bioenergetics stems from, including traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. We then step into more modern research that brings us to where we are today, including a look at non-locality; various bioenergetic researchers; topics like radiesthesia and radionics and Kirlian photography; and the importance of information in biology and the role Peter Fraser had in uncovering this topic.

The 4 Principles of Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics pioneer Harry Massey walks through the 4 principles of bioenergetics and how they are the basis for building up energy in the body and using it efficiently to ensure vitality and proper function of the body. Within this context, he also explains how structured water in the body acts as a battery, and he updates one of Einstein’s most important quotes to show its relevance to biology. He concludes with an important overview of the healing process.

Bioenergetic Anatomy & Physiology

Get a whole new view on anatomy and physiology through the lens of bioenergetics. What is bioenergetics, and what kind of research demonstrates the impact of energy on the body? How does modern bioenergetics relate to the ancient Chinese medicine idea of meridians in the body?
Get answers to these and much more, as you explore how all interactions really take place, displacing public misconceptions of the atom and how this leads us up into a new understanding of the body itself. Learn about antennas of the cell, the magic of water, and how the organs play more than just the roles they’re commonly known for.

Health Coaching: MIND

Explore not only the power of the mind, but also the nature of reality based on bioenergetic theory and how this can help to guide your life experience. Understand the very real impact of placebo and nocebo effects as well as visualizations. Then learn about some of the basic principles of bioenergetics, how this correlates to our Choice Point philosophy, and even how special guided meditations can work with this philosophy while helping to reprogram the subconscious mind.

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