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Going through the root cause of your health concerns is what Bioenergetics addresses. The fact is thought directs energy, and it is this energy that is creating our collective reality.

When we speak, we are imprinting the world around us with our own information, giving us a glimpse of just how powerful the spoken word really is. Using our Bioenergtics Health Voice Scan, you will see which functions of your body need support and why they need support. 

Our co-founder, Peter Fraser, talked about how the heart uses sound waves to carry and then imprint information into the blood. We can tell a lot about someone’s health, energy levels, and emotions just by hearing them speak.

Make sure you’re in a quiet place and that external noise does not interfere with your voice. Click the giant microphone above and get a complete and detailed picture of your body field.


While this course is quick, it’s packed with fascinating information that will open your mind to a new way of viewing the universe, energy, and health.

You’ll walk away knowing you have the potential to address health at the root and reclaim your power.

NES Bioenergetics was built on decades of research and hundreds of thousands of client success stories. 

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