Build the Health Practice You’ve Always Dreamed About

as a Bioenergetic Health Coach.

Become a Bioenergetic Health Coach and help your clients get to the root of their health issues faster

Thousands of people dream of becoming a successful health coach.

They want to…

The majority of coaches get certified, experience a personal transformation, and get a few clients.

But then what?

We’ve spoken to thousands of health coaches who struggle to attract enough clients, and to get their clients STELLAR results.

There’s another group that go on to become rockstar coaches who attract clients like magnets, and facilitate jaw-dropping transformations


What’s the missing piece of the puzzle?


How can you go from…

Health enthusiast

Sought-after expert.

A few clients here and there

A booked-out practice.

Average health coach

In-demand Bioenergetic Health Coach.

What takes a health coaching practice from lukewarm to hot?

Having an effective system that allows you to create measurable results for your clients – no more trial and error. 

A lot of health coaches are essentially guessing:

Recommending different dietary approaches, exercise regimens, and supplements that have worked for them, or other clients.

Here’s what happens with so many coaches:

This makes a lot of health coaches insecure. 

They wind up wanting to hide under the covers, rather than getting out there and speaking to potential clients. 

The truth is that every single client is unique, and no one approach works for everyone.

If everyone is unique, how can you create a customized, effective plan for each client?


I’m Harry Massey, the founder of NES Health.

I’d like to introduce you to BIOENERGETICS.

Woman praying

Bioenergetics is the study of energy in all living things.

Through bioenergetics, we can get past the limits of biochemistry, and get to the root of complex health issues. 

You can uncover the true root of conditions like chronic fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety – and reveal a path to healing. 

Bioenergetics helps you detect and correct energy imbalances in your body-field – your energetic system – and protect your energy and health over the long-term. 

All tissues, organs, and cells are governed by your body-field:

It’s your body’s blueprint for health – or disease. 

When your body-field is ideal, you have energy, focus, and drive.

When it’s out of balance, you feel exhausted and you’re more prone to illness.

With bioenergetics, just like you update your iPhone when it’s lagging, you can upgrade your energy system and reestablish optimal health.


A 10-second voice scan generates a detailed report of your clients’ energetic strengths and imbalances, and exactly where they need support first. 

From there, you’ll know the specific steps they need to take to bring their body-field back to optimal.

A 10-second voice scan can change thousands of lives.

Through bioenergetics, you can…

Woman talking into a mic


Through the NES scanner, you can quickly identify imbalances in your clients, from anywhere in the world.



These imbalances are corrected through proprietary bioenergetic solutions combined with lifestyle changes.



The same way you put your phone on airplane mode to conserve battery life, bioenergetics helps your clients manage their energy and avoid burnout.

Join the Bioenergetic
Health Coaching Program Now

For decades we’ve trained practitioners who want to add bioenergetics into their practice, with stunning results. 

90% of health professionals who added the NES System into their practice saw improved client outcomes.

Now, the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is open for enrollment.

You can become a Bioenergetic Health Coach and take your practice to the next level.


The Future Is Frequencies

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, we’re confident your clients will experience at least 90% improved results, versus working with a general health coach.

The NES Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is jam-packed with 8 exciting modules.

Easy to digest lessons with powerful principles based on empowering the whole person to flourish in every area of their health.

Become part of the fast-growing bioenergetic health movement.

Build a powerful and meaningful business as a Bioenergetic Health Coach.

You may be wondering...

What brought me here?​

At 21, three climbing accidents put me in bed for nearly a decade. 

It felt like I was living in a dark cloud, struggling to simply keep track of my thoughts. 

All my time was spent researching and trying every protocol imaginable: Water fasts, IVs, supplements, diets, ozone therapy, coffee enemas, hypnotherapy, and much more.

I was relentless in my drive to get better… but I was getting worse. 

Biochemistry failed me. 
Nutritional interventions failed me.
Western medicine failed me. 

Most alternative medicine was coming up short.

I needed to get to the source of the problem: To determine where energy comes from, and how to create more of it.

Finally, I restored my energy and health through bioenergetics, and promised myself I would teach people all over the world to do the same.

I’ve made good on that promise.

Today, we at NES Health are thrilled to say we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people reclaim their health in the face of chronic, mysterious conditions.

Now, we know that Bioenergetic Health Coaching is the next frontier, and the modality with the potential to help the most people. 


Show me the science...

A 6-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that the NES System led to a reduction in depression scores and self-reported stress measures in 54 subjects.

Another pilot study saw an average 19% drop in blood pressure in participants.

In a large-scale study based on clients’ self-reported health concerns and improvements…

Those who started with Wellness Scores below 4 – very low – experienced substantial health improvements and decreases in symptoms between their first and second visits with a Bioenergetic Health Coach.

We’re constantly pursuing the science and being delighted by the measured efficacy of bioenergetics. 

Imagine having access to professional-grade technology and remedies that help people make rapid and remarkable shifts in their emotional and physical health.

As a Bioenergetic Health Coach, you have the potential to help your clients…



Become an in-demand Bioenergetic Health Coach…

… and effortlessly receive top-tier investments as a go-to expert

This is the only program that certifies 

health coaches to work with bioenergetics.


Take A Peek Inside The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is made up of 8 exciting modules, broken down into easy-to-digest lessons.

human body



The Body Basics of Anatomy & Physiology

aka A primer in understanding the body

In this first core training, you’ll…



Intro to (the life changing principles of) Bioenergetics

Buckle up! In this module, you’ll:



Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

In this module, you’ll:



Health Coaching 101

Catch your breath! This short module is a quick stop to frame up the next section of the course. You’ll:

Woman standing



Health Coaching
for the Body

Roll up your sleeves. Now that you have the triple threat foundation of anatomy, physiology and bioenergetics, you’re ready to start tackling the basics of health coaching.

In this module, you’ll:



Health Coaching for the Environment

Start taking your client beyond nutrition and lifestyle. Open their eyes to the reality of environmental impact on their health.

In this module, you’ll:




Health Coaching for the Mind

The success of health & wellness coaches happens when you stay true to coaching first.

In this module, you’ll:



The Business of Health Coaching

Identify and match the principles of client success with your own values to create a unique business. Support your clients while reaching your personal goals.

In this module, you’ll:

When you join the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program, you get immediate access to…

8 modules of power-packed education: 40-60 hours of training

5 complimentary bottles of Infoceuticals​

1:1 Accountability Ambassador​​

Complete training on the NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System

90-minute individual training session​

30-day money back guarantee​


Bioenergetic Health Coaching

See what these respected practitioners have to say about using the NES Health Bioenergetic WellNES System

Waiting for a sign?
Here it is!

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program is Perfect for You if…

Satisfsction Guarantee

Our "Energetic" Guarantee

We are on a mission to detect, correct and protect the energy of 1 million people. And we believe you see the benefits of belonging to a big dream.

Take 30 days to use the frameworks and systems inside the Bioenergetic Health Coaching Program. Work through the modules, follow your Accountability Ambassador’s advice, and complete your action steps. 

If after all that – after you’ve put in the effort and reached out to potential clients, scanned friends, family, and clients – you’re not seeing any results, then you deserve your money back.

Simply email us your completed assignments at within 30 days of purchasing, and we’ll refund you.

We’re on a mission to detect, correct, and protect the energy of 1 million people.

We believe Bioenergetic Health Coaches will play a huge role in this goal…

… and we’re committed to helping you build a Bioenergetic Health Coaching business that supports you and your goals.

We’re confident that when you link arms with us, you’ll have the support, education, and tech tools you need to stand out and make a massive impact in the world. 

You’ll have us cheering you on, along with a whole group of Bioenergetic Health Coaches.


Got Questions? Ask Away!

Absolutely. The Bioenergetic Health Coaching Certification program comes with our Energetic Guarantee – 100% money back in the first 30 days.

If you dive into the material or test drive the NES Health System and discover that it isn’t a good fit for you, simply email us or let your Accountability Team Member know and we’ll refund you.

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching certification course is like no other. Most health coaching courses will only emphasize nutrition and lifestyle changes. We go beyond that.

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching certification course adds three powerful elements.
1. Education of bioenergetics and the whole body approach (mind, body, spirit)
2. The practical ability to Detect, Correct and Protect client energy
3. Accountability – receive support with weekly calls from your Accountability Ambassador, a 90 minute call during your first voice scan experience and much more.

The Bioenergetic Health Coaching course is for those who prefer strategic learning. And those who learn best by doing.

One reason we are providing you with the 90 day access to the entire NES Health system is because we know that fast action takers like to engage with clients right away.

And people who prefer a slow and steady approach do best when they have the support of tools and a team to use while they gain confidence.

This course is designed to shorten the learning curve. And help you feel 100% confident that you can help your clients see results.

Of course! We’ve had many practitioners and health professionals add bioenergetics to their professional work.

Using bioenergetics with your current practice gives you a way to stand out among other health coaches.

It also gives your clients a fresh approach to working on their health.
We often hear that the voice scans have surprised clients with the accuracy it detects issues – mind, body and emotional. A great way to delight your existing clients.

In the course, you will find that some modules will be a refresher of concepts you’ve already learned.

And other lessons -like Module 1 and 3 – will show you the potential that comes with the Bioenergetic Health Coaching program.

Your previous coaching certification may find you unlearning some concepts and building on others. Either way, you’ll have the support of your Accountability Ambassador who will help you navigate the new tools, tech and ideas you will be learning.

Naturally, we’re biased and can give an absolute resounding yes.

We understand. Sometimes cost is a hurdle to moving forward and not everyone can afford to purchase the coaching course in full. If that’s the case, please don’t fall victim to FOMO and rack up credit card debt. There’s a better way.

That’s why we give you access to our complete NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness System for 90 days. When you start working with clients, using the voice scan and selling the 3-5 infoceuticals per client, a return on investment quickly happens.

So, yes. The course is worth the big investment. We don’t offer any magic cures. Simply a system and personal support while you do the hard work of stepping out of your comfort zone and working with clients.

When you purchase the Bioenergetic Health Coaching program you own -for life – all of the Health Coaching modules in your Educational portal.

For the first 90 days, you have access to the NES Health System.
That includes:
-unlimited voice scans a month
-In-depth 10+ page client reports covering various areas of health
-15+ personalized imprinted meditation audio downloads
-5 complimentary Infoceuticals

-a comprehensive portal that safely stores all client information
-a complete messaging system so all communication stays in one place with your clients
-ordering capabilities so you can drop ship infoceuticals where possible

After 90 days, you get to choose:

Coach without using the NES WellNES system…

Or carry on using our powerful system that saves you time, money and organization headaches.

If you decide to continue, we have three options for you that will grow with your business.

As you work on creating referrals from your first clients, you have access to the NES system for $150/month which includes up to 6 scans.

(Or, as we teach you during the 90 days, the equivalent of 1.5 client sessions a month.)

As you build your coaching practice & see more clients, you can then upgrade to up to 20 scans a month for only $297.

This means that if you do 2 paid bioenergetic client sessions per month, the other 18 client sessions are pure profit, earning you approximately $50,000 per year.

The third level is up to 50 scans for $397/month.

Once your practice really gets going and, if you choose to start doing group coaching sessions with 50 clients at once on a webinar you’ll be joining coaches earning $250,000 per year and more.

With most businesses needing several pieces of technology talking to each other (calendar booking links, billing software, email, etc.) we know that having all the admin pieces in one place allows you to grow at a steady pace.

And have peace of mind.

That’s why we offer the grow with you pricing plan. This is your health coaching practice. You get to decide how you will run it and how full your client roster is. Whether running a big practice or this- fits-me-right size practice, you can help be confident that you’ll be professional as you support clients with bioenergetic


As soon as you click the buy now button and fill in the order form. You’ll receive a confirmation email followed by an all-access email.

The all-access email gives you your login and password information so you can start learning right away. No need to delay your journey. You can start digging into the course material in a matter of minutes.

We love your enthusiasm! We know how powerful the voice scans are – we’ve seen them change the lives of many. It’s tempting to say, “Go for it!” right away.

However, we are the ONLY place where you can get certified as a bioenergetic Health Coach. It’s important to us that you have a strong foundation of how bioenergetics works. We want you to feel confident when friends, family and clients do a voice scan and ask, “How does this work?! How did this computer voice scan know this about my health? This is incredible!”

You can schedule your first voice scan moments after you sign up for the Certification Program or wait until you have learned more about bioenergetics – the choice is yours.

You’ll meet with your Accountability Team Member and spend 90 minutes reviewing your scan while also learning how to read scans.

We ship to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. If you’re outside of these areas, Infoceuticals aren’t included in your purchase of the coaching program. If you are curious about our shipping capabilities, contact us at We’ll work with you to find the right solution.

Absolutely. If you’ve read through this entire page and you’re still wondering if it’s a good fit for you, schedule a call with us by emailing us at Let’s figure out if this training is right for you.

Our promise to you: If this course isn’t a good fit for you, we’ll tell you. No strong armed tactics. No high pressure sales. We’re in the business of helping people find a coaching program that aligns with their values.

The new dimension in health coaching is here

It all adds up. Health Coaching Program + Proven Business Plan + Supportive Tech that lets you Earn While You Learn + Accountability + No Risk Guarantee = The Perfect Health Coaching Program For You

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